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90,000 – 120,000 USD per year
Posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The Ready is a future of work consultancy and change partner whose purpose is to change how the world works and make it more people positive and complexity conscious. Today, we're 40+ people working across North America and Europe, with over 100 projects behind us and a community of thousands supporting our work in ways big and small. And we’re just getting started; we’re building an ecosystem of products, content, services, and community to enable systems change at scale.

Our ambition isn’t just about helping other organizations; our company is a lab for testing and learning at the very edge of the future of work. Our financial practices are no exception; from self-set pay to decentralized initiative funding to profit sharing, we have and will continue to challenge the status quo consulting industry by experimenting on ourselves.

Until now, we’ve relied on fractional external support, founder attention, and Ready consultants doing work on the side to run finance. But our systems have become overly complicated and, at our size, it’s time for someone with lived experience and a point of view on the future of finance to take the reins. That means holding financial strategy, theory, and practice in your mind while building macros with your hands.

You might be our Finance Steward if you’d be excited to:

  • Propose simple, elegant, and non-traditional financial practices to a small cross-functional steering group
  • Scale a business balancing short-term investment in people with long-term investment in diversification, entrepreneurship, and impact; not burning out the team to maximize profit
  • Find, set up, and use cutting-edge software to enable a self-managing consultancy to steer itself from the edge
  • Partner with members of the team to design pricing and workflows for new businesses
  • Experiment internally with the principles and practices of Beyond Budgeting

Role Core Responsibilities

  • Managing month-end close, account reconciliation, expense processing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash and Payroll. The full scope of ongoing activities can be found here
  • Setting, monitoring, and refining financial tolerances (e.g. wages/revenue, profitability, cash-on-hand, initiative spend) with advice from @Finance Strategy
  • Developing and producing cycle-by-cycle and annual financial reports (P&L, Balance Sheet, Dashboard, etc.) and comparisons for The Ready's membership
  • Administering financial setup and activity in Quickbooks, Ramp, Justworks, Alpine Bank, and Mercury Bank
  • Building financial acumen across the system through a monthly P&L review with Source Circle (The Ready’s cross-functional steering team) and a trimesterly P&L review with the full membership
  • Collaborating with our tax partner to optimize tax liability and ensure compliance (e.g. estimates, withholding, nexus, payments, etc.)
  • Conducting market research on financial topics (e.g. benchmarks, averages, etc.)
  • Evolving our approach to financial operations in alignment with the future of work

Skills, Knowledge, and Expertise

The right person to fill this role will likely identify with some or all of the following:

  • You have experience as a fractional or full-time Controller, ideally as part of a quickly growing start-up or scale-up
  • You ideally have experience in a 10M+ service business
  • You have experience with scaling businesses
  • You are passionate about new ways of working and the future of work, and are ready to work in a self-managing environment: check out this podcast episode to learn more
  • You are comfortable generating your own work in response to unmet needs or gaps, sharing information transparently and working in public, making proposals to unmet needs, and prioritizing learning and personal evolution
  • You are comfortable operating in ambiguity, asking questions, and saying “I don’t know”

Our Finance Steward will likely have competence in multiple areas, including:

  • Financial administration and reporting, including bookkeeping/controller, accounts receivable, accounts payable, forecasting, and financial modeling (with the exception of CPA/Tax, which we will outsource)
  • Telling stories with data
  • Explaining complex financial concepts to non-financial colleagues

The Ready’s Finance Steward will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Timeliness and accuracy of financial reporting
  • Overall financial health (i.e. cash on hand, profitability, accounts receivable, etc.)
  • Member feedback and financial acumen
  • Source Circle’s (The Ready’s cross functional steering team) understanding of finances so they can steward resources effectively


  • Our Prologue MembershipAll new members join The Ready for a four-month prologue period to determine long-term fit. During this period, prologue members take a training program with modules that introduce the theory and practice of how we work. They’re also paired with an onboarding advocate who offers frequent check-ins, answers questions, and addresses issues. Prologue members fully participate in the organization; they benefit from the same autonomy, benefits, and discretionary spending as full-time members. They do not, however, have authority to govern new agreements to The Ready’s OS. After four months, the prologue member and their close collaborators both have a voice in determining whether the prologue member becomes a full-time member. If either party doesn’t want to continue, they part ways.

  • Our Self-Managing Culture:The Ready uses our own company as a laboratory for exploring the future of work. We’re people-positive and believe our colleagues are inherently motivated, needing little more than autonomy, mastery, and purpose to thrive and create. We trust our colleagues to manage themselves in pursuit of our purpose, and we provide each other with candid, continuous feedback to support growth. Things we don’t do: force deadlines onto people that aren’t willfully accepted; report to managers; and abide by strict rules. Things we absolutely do: recognize individual growth and performance as non-linear; push decision-making authority to the edge of the organization to minimize red tape; and participate in governance through proposing or consenting to agreements. In short, we work with and for each other.

  • Our Employee Ownership:This is a cornerstone of the future of work. It enhances connection to purpose, drives equity, encourages collective outcomes, promotes long-term thinking, and just generally feels good.

  • Regarding compensation, The Ready offers:End-of-year profit sharing An annual equity award, when eligible

  • Regarding benefits to support a members’ wellbeing, The Ready offers:Exceptional health, dental, and vision along with technology and data coverage Paid parental leave A flexible approach to taking time off A $3,000 discretionary spending budget as needed every 4 months

About The Ready

We're here to change how the world works by helping organizations of all shapes and sizes become more adaptive, equitable, meaningful, and human. It takes an unusual person to disrupt decades of tradition and guide hundreds or thousands of people through an experience that demands their bravery, vulnerability, and curiosity. It takes conviction to join a decentralized self-managing public benefit corporation where reputation matters more than position.

The people that make up The Ready are specialists in the ways of organizational culture and transformation. Yet within that world, we are generalists drawing freely from the principles and practices of dozens of theories and hundreds of iconoclastic firms. We are coaches, facilitators, academics, psychologists, technologists, and corporate veterans who have found each other in our quest to make work better. Our backgrounds are varied but our ambition is united.