Digital Content Producer (Remote)

The Ready

The Ready

40 USD per hour
Posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Inside The Ready, our Studio Circle,  which aims to make physical and digital assets that enhance the brand and is home to all product- and content-related activities, is gaining steam and is in need of a detail-oriented production maestro to keep us on track.

This role will be involved in the production and operations process end-to-end, from scoping to shipping, and the coordination steps in-between. Day-to-day, this role will work alongside and with The Ready’s Brand Designer, Brave New Work podcast hosts, and Studio Circle steward. This role will serve as the motor that keeps the circle’s products and projects moving forward with purpose.

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing production timelines, schedules, and deliverables, and keeping Studio Circle team members informed and accountable
  • Scoping new projects and prioritizing them within the existing workflow of activity within the team
  • Creating and managing a content calendar that includes articles from our membership and social media pushes
  • Supporting podcast production, from booking guests, to partnering with our editor, to uploading episodes to megaphone, monitoring metrics, and making improvements to the process
  • Several backlog podcast projects, like: documenting and optimizing current production workflow, uploading the back catalog to Youtube, changing out cover art, and having transcripts created
  • Keeping workflows up-to-date and well-organized
  • Managing budget and contractual processes for any freelance roles brought on to support Studio’s work

Skills Knowledge and Expertise

  • Digital content and project management experience
  • Strong experience using tooling to manage production (Trello, Notion, etc.)
  • Passion for the future of work
  • Understanding of JEDI principles and an eagerness to weave them into creative production
  • Experience working in an agency or studio setting and an understanding of the dynamic, emergent nature of this work
  • Comfort giving and receiving feedback and communicating (both synchronously and asynchronously) with multiple collaborators across a decentralized system
  • Relentless attention to detail

What makes this role special?

Central to The Ready’s purpose of making work more human, adaptive, meaningful, and equitable is a brand ecosystem that can reach people all over the world. As a fully decentralized and self-managing company, this role will thrive as a part of a dynamic team of specialists, capable of working in increasingly adaptive ways. This role will be coming in at an ideal time, to help grow the impact of our Studio efforts and bring important discipline to how that work gets done.

Why would a candidate want this job?

A scaled content and product engine is central to The Ready’s purpose of making work more human, adaptive, meaningful, and equitable. Having already proved a willingness to place and resource bets with such investments like the Brave New Work podcast and Murmur, this role will be part of a team that’s eager to make its studio production and product capabilities market-leading.

And, as a fully decentralized and self-managing company, The Ready is uniquely positioned to help this role to thrive, experiment, and chase after big bets. Say goodbye to arbitrary deadlines and artificial pressure from the top; this role will be empowered to guide the delivery of our studio work on terms they sign up to and help shape.

About The Ready

We're here to change how the world works by helping organizations of all shapes and sizes become more adaptive, equitable, meaningful, and human. It takes an unusual person to disrupt decades of tradition and guide hundreds or thousands of people through an experience that demands their bravery, vulnerability, and curiosity. It takes conviction to join a decentralized self-managing public benefit corporation where reputation matters more than position.

The people that make up The Ready are specialists in the ways of organizational culture and transformation. Yet within that world, we are generalists drawing freely from the principles and practices of dozens of theories and hundreds of iconoclastic firms. We are coaches, facilitators, academics, psychologists, technologists, and corporate veterans who have found each other in our quest to make work better. Our backgrounds are varied but our ambition is united.