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Posted on Friday, December 8, 2023

Elementary Apprentice Teacher Fellowship

Opening for the 2024-25 school year

Thank you for your interest in our Henderson Collegiate Teacher Apprenticeship program. This paid apprenticeship is an opportunity to learn the craft of teaching as you work to earn a full time teaching position at our school.

Why apply for the HC Apprenticeship program?

The achievement gap is real, there is an educational equity issue in our country that has only been exacerbated by the pandemic. Henderson Collegiate has been on the front lines of this social justice battle and has been successful in helping to close this gap for our students. We want to ensure that every single student at Henderson Collegiate is set up for success, not only on the road to college, but also through college and beyond.

We are in a position now where we want to bring people into the profession who can offer kids an excellent education. We believe that our Apprentice Teachers are a critical part of ensuring that our students receive the best education possible as we fight for educational equity. The Apprentice Teacher Fellowship is a highly selective training program designed to increase the amount of support offered to our students.

We know that the job of creating equity for all students is a hard one. This is why we are recruiting a cohort that will have the opportunity to learn from successful and accomplished teachers in a way that will empower them to run their own classrooms. This is a paid training program for the 2024-25 school year with the opportunity to earn a full time, lead teacher position for the 2025-26 school year.

If you believe you have what it takes to work relentlessly for our students, keep reading to learn more about our school and the responsibilities of our Apprentice Teachers. We are looking for Apprentice Teachers to support our Elementary School team (Grades K-4) for the 2024-25 school year. This opportunity is open to people new to the profession or former teachers who want to get back into the profession to sharpen their craft. Feel free to contact Kate Liddle at recruitment@hendersoncollegiate.org with any questions.

Who We Are

Henderson Collegiate is a mission-driven public college preparatory school located in rural Henderson, NC with an unrelenting focus on character development and student achievement. We believe in 51% character and 49% academics, as we will never sacrifice a moment to teach our students character traits that will help them become great people.

Our school serves students that come from traditionally underserved communities (approximately 85% receive free or reduced-price meals, and about 94% are students of color). However, we consistently rank in the top 9.7% of all NC schools and the top 1.3% of all NC Title I schools. Henderson Collegiate is committed to the idea that all students can learn and create a future for themselves that is full of opportunities. We know they can do this by attending and graduating from the colleges of their choice. Our students are proving what is possible and to date, 100% of our seniors have been accepted into a 4-year college or university.

We are both a team and family who leverage passionate people to be the best teachers and leaders that they can be. We believe in the idea that all of our staff members are school teachers, as opposed to classroom teachers, meaning that no matter your role, we are all willing to do whatever it takes to support all Henderson Collegiate students. We work together to make what most people say is impossible, happen.

Who You Are

  • A go-getter that will move mountains to do what is best for our students and team
  • An encourager who knows that with learning comes joy, love and laughter
  • A reflective educator who recognizes the power and potential within all students and strives to provide them with culturally competent/responsive instruction
  • A life-long learner that continuously strives to be a better version of themselves through learning, improving and being hungry for feedback
  • A gritty problem-solver who approaches challenges with smart solutions in mind
  • A finisher who plans backwards to meet timelines and manage complex projects and who keeps in mind both the big picture and the details necessary to make things happen
  • A data-driven analyst who reflects and takes swift action based on results
  • A proactive communicator who reaches out to students, families, and teammates

What You’ll Do

Henderson Collegiate Apprentice Teachers (ATs) will:

  • Develop their instructional lens, classroom management skills, and leadership voice by spending the first year at Henderson Collegiate training with staff, receiving feedback from, being coached by, and co-teaching with an experienced Henderson Collegiate Lead Teacher
  • Assist Lead Teachers in any capacity needed to drive student outcomes, including, but not limited to, providing targeted intervention or remediation to small groups of students, grading assignments, communicating with families, etc.
  • Step in to provide critical additional coverage inside and outside of the classroom that enable our schools to function
  • Lead students to meet high behavioral and academic expectations with consistency, with a true “sweat the small stuff” mindset that creates strong school culture
  • Participate in school-based and network-wide professional development to hone instructional practice and develop expertise across content areas

The Fine Print

  • Required: All candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree by August 2024, so current college seniors with full daytime availability are encouraged to apply in addition to those who have already completed their degree.
  • Preferred. Prior experience teaching and working in a low-income community is preferred but not required.
  • Benefits: Monthly paychecks will be based on a $40,000 annual salary. Anyone who earns a full time teaching position will move to our teacher pay scale. Additionally, Henderson Collegiate offers a full benefits package. Teachers receive a laptop computer and are provided with classroom technology and software.
  • We believe in going the extra mile for students and as a result our school day is longer than many other schools. The school day for staff is from 7:20 am to 4:15 pm, with one day a week staff being expected to stay until 5:00pm for professional development.
  • At this time we are not able to sponsor candidates who are looking for an initial US work visa.