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Posted on Saturday, March 4, 2023

Elementary Instructional Coach

Applications considered on an ongoing basis

Who We Are

Henderson Collegiate is a mission-driven public college preparatory school located in rural Henderson, North Carolina with an unrelenting focus on character development and student achievement. Our school serves students that come from traditionally underserved communities. Our student population is about 85% economically disadvantaged and 90% students of color. Henderson Collegiate consistently ranks in the top 10% of all North Carolina public schools. At Henderson Collegiate, we believe in 51% character and 49% academics, meaning we will never sacrifice a moment to teach our students character traits that will help them become great people. We are both a team and family who leverage passionate people to be the best teachers and leaders that they can be. We work alongside one another to make sure that what most people say is impossible with our kids is happening every day with our students.

Who You Are

  • A go-getter that will move mountains to do what is best for our students and team
  • An encourager that recognizes the power and potential within all students
  • A life-long learner that continuously strives to be a better version of themselves through learning, improving and being hungry for feedback
  • A jovial giant who knows that with learning comes joy, love and laughter
  • A gritty problem-solver who approaches challenges with smart solutions in mind
  • A detail maven who plans backwards to meet timelines and manage complex projects
  • A data-driven analyst who reflects and takes swift action based on results
  • A proactive communicator who reaches out to students, families, and teammates

What You’ll Do


The Elementary Instructional Coach will provide instructional support and coaching to Henderson Collegiate teachers at our Elementary school (grades K-4) as they work to ensure that each student is able to reach his or her academic potential in order to be fully prepared for college. The Instructional Coach’s role is to work with teachers to support best practices in using data, provide analysis of school-wide trends in instruction, and make recommendations about potential next steps to address areas of need.

As an advisor to teachers and the school leader, the Instructional Coach is responsible for four main areas:

a) observing instructional delivery and providing feedback to enhance and support the development of each teacher’s content area;

b) supporting teachers in the design of units and lessons for the development of their long-term curriculum;

c) analyzing data in order to modify curriculum and forms of assessment to meet students’ needs; and

d) working with the academic staff members (grade level chairs, school leaders, director of instruction, fellow instructional coaches, etc.) in the school to support sharing of best practices. This individual must ensure that all assessments and data are effectively analyzed and used to drive instruction.

The Instructional Coach will work collaboratively with the Principal, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, EC Coordinator, and other Instructional Coaches to advise teachers on developing instructional strategies and intervention programs for struggling students.

In their first year, all new instructional coaches at Henderson Collegiate, no matter their level of experience, participate in instructional leadership training; teach part of the day; and coach at least one other person.

The first year training and support is provided through a year-long cohort and includes 12 full days around the school year of active, engaging professional development in instructional leadership practices. Participants work one-on-one with the same support coach throughout the year and develop an in-depth relationship and maintain ongoing, personalized feedback. If you want to master the craft of instructional leadership, come to Henderson Collegiate!


The below responsibilities are in addition to what we'd expect for the teaching portion of your day.

Ensure the continuous professional development of content area staff, including:

  • Assist the Principal and Dean of Curriculum and Instruction in developing plans for relevant individual and staff-wide professional development.
  • Conduct classroom observations and debriefing with targeted feedback and support for teachers.
  • Provide lesson-planning and unit-planning support to teachers on an as-needed basis, with an emphasis on Beginning or “Rookie” Teachers.
  • Assist the Principal and Dean of Curriculum and Instruction in planning and implementing summer teacher training and professional development for teachers throughout the year.
  • Develop a menu of internal and external professional development opportunities available to teachers.
  • Ensure that teachers’ classes are recorded and that teachers are given the opportunity for self-observation, reflection and analysis periodically throughout the year.
  • Assist teachers in conducting regular, effective self-analysis and evaluation.

Oversee the development and implementation of a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum, including:

  • Provide instructional guidance in advancing development of proven teaching and learning best practices.
  • Continue the development of high-quality, standards-based instructional materials that align to the Common Core Standards.
  • Document and communicate scope and sequence, academic expectations, and evaluation processes for each course among grade level teams, departmental teams, students and parents to build consistency across the program.

Maintain internal and external assessment systems and help teachers use assessment data to further improve the quality of instruction, including:

  • Lead data-driven discussions about student performance.
  • Work with teachers to set clear, measurable student performance goals for students in their individual classes.
  • Hold frequent debriefing conversations with teachers, strategically analyzing areas for targeted instruction.
  • Assist teachers in identifying areas for instructional and professional growth, creating short- and long-term goals in each area, and in prioritizing and planning next steps to progress toward achievement of those goals.
  • Collaborate with teachers to analyze unit and benchmark assessment results, standardized test results, paycheck data, and other data points in order to target interventions that will ensure the academic success of all students.
  • Assist grade level chairs and teachers to ensure that frequent, consistent communication occurs with parents regarding student academic performance, particularly in situations where a student’s promotion to the next grade is in jeopardy.

Provide fair, thorough teacher evaluations and hold teachers accountable for student and personal growth, including:

  • Conduct weekly (or more frequently, if needed) observations of teachers’ instruction and debrief on these observations with individual teachers in both one-on-one meetings and written feedback.
  • Review lesson plans and provide feedback weekly, in a timely manner, and ensure that staff members utilize feedback when executing lessons.
  • Review unit plans and assessments in a timely and consistent manner, ensuring that teachers receive and utilize clear feedback in a timely manner.
  • Support teachers in identifying and understanding instructional and professional areas for growth, setting individual goals, and creating next steps for prioritizing and actively pursuing achievement of growth goals.
  • Provide instructional resources and materials to support teaching faculty in accomplishing instructional growth goals.
  • Complete at least two formal evaluations of appropriate staff members per year in collaboration with the Principal.
  • Recognize and celebrate student achievement and staff professional growth and success.

The Fine Print

  • Required: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Required: Experience in serving low-income communities or students.
  • Required: Minimum three years of teaching experience.
  • Preferred: Minimum two years of Instructional Coaching or equivalent experience.
  • Benefits: The salary range is $41,000-$73,000 based on our teacher pay scale, which consideres years of experience and degree level, and it can be found here. Coaches are then paid an additional coaching stipend. Henderson Collegiate offers a full benefits package for full time staff. Staff members receive a laptop computer and are provided with classroom technology and software.
  • We believe in going the extra mile for students and as a result our school day is longer than many other schools. The school day for staff is from 7:20 am to 4:15 pm, with one day a week staff being expected to stay until 5:00pm for professional development.
  • At this time we are not able to sponsor candidates who are looking for an initial US work visa.