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Brand Fuel


Raleigh, NC, USA


51-200 employees

founded in


Brand Fuel is a branded merch agency for those willing to zig when others zag. Because anything less is just another day at the office. We remember the days when return on investment meant doing something we’d never forget. Like the days when we tapped our toes on the gymnasium floor and wondered, hoped, and prayed the smile coming from the shyface across the room was an invitation. So, we walked over to find out. We remember when doing something worthwhile meant making a move, taking a stand, and living, learning, fighting toward a dream. We remember being young and daring and because we remember, we haven’t yet grown all the way up. Of course, we’re business types now. We have checkbooks to balance, mortgages to pay, and some of us even have kids who will soon conceal a wild heart under a gifted corsage. But at Brand Fuel, we refuse to surrender sight of the days when a memory was a win and a “yes,” and success was an impenetrable moat surrounding a 6-foot sand castle. We know it’s emotion that drives decisions—the meaningful ones—and it’s bold strides that elicit the strongest rewards. We set out each day to unite all of the senses and forge a feeling your audience can never forget. We can do the simple, the routine. We can keep standing over here, tapping our toes to the rhythm in the floorboards waiting, or we can set out, together, and chase ideas that defy ordinary and inspire. We aim this high every day because we think the world’s already got enough people out there striving to just get by. Sure, the music has changed over the years, as we have. Our own corsages were long ago replaced with sweaty Ramones t-shirts and torn jeans, outfits that now hide in attics above pink rooms full of stuffed animals and giggling kids. Yeah, we’ve matured, honed the vision. But we fight to remember. Each day we cling to the notion that making something great, something that lasts, starts with the warm spark of emotion.

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